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As a painter and textile artist, my work explores the intersection between traditional and contemporary techniques. My pieces are a blend of the handmade crafts my grandmother taught me, classical painting, and my newfound passion for fabrics and materials. The result is a unique style of figurative art that evokes personal memories and emotions.

Recently, I had the opportunity to take a work placement in Turin, Italy, where I discovered the rich history of materials and fashion. This experience sparked an interest in elevating textile techniques to fine art. In addition, I participated in a residency in New York City, where I found the freedom to experiment and develop my own artistic vision.

I use a variety of fabrics, from high-end materials to found fabrics from second-hand stores, to create my figures. Through this medium, I am able to capture the essence of a place or a moment in time, and convey my personal experiences. I believe that the tactile nature of fabrics allows for a more intimate connection with the viewer, as everyone has a personal relationship with textiles.

I am excited to continue my journey as an artist and see where my passion for fabrics and materials will take me."

This revised version is shorter, more specific and personal, the artist has a clear direction and message in the statement, and it is easy to understand.



2023 Arist residency "Autocensura"

Crag gallery, Turin, IT

2022 Artist residency

Guttenberg Arts, NJ, USA

2021 gallery internship

Crag gallery, Turin, Italy

2021 Bachelor‘s degree - Law in business
at Cevro University in Prague, Czech Republic

2020 "Artikl" magazine online internship

Prague, Czech Republic

2020 Scenography Internship

at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic


2018 Painting studio
at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic





curated by Radek Wohlmut

(4. 6. - 13. 7. 2024)

Bold gallery, Prague, CZ



curated by Tomáš Koudela and František Kowolowski

(20. 4. 〝 14. 7. 2024)

Gočárova galerie v Automatických mlýnech, Pardubice, CZ


Magnus Art residency exhibition- collaboration with Anna Jožová

(20. 3. - 20. 4. 2024)

Display gallery, Karlovy Vary, CZ



curated by Mira Macík

(14. 2. - 31. 3. 2024)

Mimokolektiv, Olomouc, CZ

O TOBĚ / Z nejmladší ženské malby a sochy

curated by Petr Vaňous

(4. 2. 2024 〞 18. 8. 2024) GASK, Kutná Hora, CZ



curated by Tomáš Koudela

(30. 11. 2023 - 6. 1. 2024)

GDM contemporary, Ostrava, CZ


curated by Radek Wohlmut

(9.11. 2023 - 9. 1. 2024)



Žena objektem

curated by Anna Praibišová

(1. 11. — 30. 11. 2023)

Skautský institut, Prague, CZ

Folklor je lajf

(8. 11. 2023 – 8. 12. 2023)

Národní zemědělské muzeum, Ostrava, CZ

Pohled sirény (solo show)

curated by Marek Meduna, Petr Dub, Pavel Kubesa

Nod, Prague, CZ


curated by Petra Lexová

Galerie Karmášek, České Budějovice, CZ


curated by Anna Pulkertová

group show, Opero, Prague

On chair - Balancing on the Edge of the Comfort

curated by Eva Slunečková & Romana Drdová

group show, The Design, Prague, CZ

Crag gallery & Gebbia Bortolotto

group show, Turin, Italy


"Stop history" - Warsaw off Art

group exhibition in Warsaw, Poland

Brutal Assault Art show

group exhibition at Jaroměř, CZ

Hluboko dole

group exhibition, Galerie V Dole, Ostrava, CZ

Nechat se splést 


solo exhibition, Gallerie na Miladě at Prague, CZ


Digital and beyond

Southampton Arts center

group exhibition, NY, USA


"Critical abstraction" - Visual Arts Gallery
group exhibition at the University of Wyoming, USA

 "Last desk in my classroom"- Black Swan gallery

group exhibition at Prague, Czech Republic


"Hédonist" - Vault 42

solo show, Olomouc, Czech Republic



"Topless"- Black Swan Gallery

group exhibition, Prague, Czech Republic



"Girls, girls, girls, and boys"- LokArt Café Herzog

group exhibition, Broumov, Czech Republic

"Girls, girls, girls" - Black Swan Gallery

group exhibition, Prague, Czech Republic

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